My campaign is about bringing people together to improve the quality of life in our region. Voters in the 1st Senate District have made it clear that they want to improve the opportunities for everyone in our area to succeed - whether that is through more investment in public schools and technical colleges, increasing access to affordable healthcare, improving our aging infrastructure, or conserving the natural areas that make our corner of Wisconsin so incredible. 

As your State Senator, I will continue the respectful, civil, and collaborative approach I’ve taken since starting my work in our community. It’s something we could use more of in our State Capitol. I am proud of and grateful for the relationships I’ve built in this district through clear communication, consensus building, being of service to those around me, recognizing and celebrating the great work of the businesses in our district, and striving toward the greatest good for our community and its residents.

I will let your feedback and our shared values guide me in my work as your State Senator. I learned these values growing up here in Wisconsin - treating each other with respect, helping our neighbors when they need a hand, listening to each other and working together to reach our goals. My personal political beliefs haven’t affected the way I treat people, and they never will. I don’t intend on changing my respectful, civil, and inclusive approach to communication with everyone in our district and my colleagues in the State Capitol. 

I promise to fight every day to make sure your values and needs are represented in Madison.  The fall elections will change the future of our state and I hope my support network will grow as we work to get re-elected in the fall.


As a proud graduate of Green Bay public schools and the University of Wisconsin, I know that great public schools lead to better outcomes and more opportunities for students.

Our public K-12 schools, UW schools and technical colleges are the heart of every local community and a key driving force for the economic success of our neighbors, families, and businesses. We need to ensure we retain quality teachers, invest in modern facilities and meet high education standards to give students the best possible opportunity to get ahead.

I know that college isn’t for everyone and have been successful in my work partnering with local high schools to train students for careers in many fields, including homebuilding and manufacturing. In the senate, I’ll work to add more skills training classes in our high schools and technical colleges to help our residents be better prepared for the workforce with marketable job skills.

In the senate, I will invest in our UW and Technical College schools, lower student loan debt and expand economic opportunities for everyone. I’ll work to make sure that every resident who works hard and wants to advance their career will have the opportunity to attend one of our world class UW schools or technical colleges without taking on a lifetime of student loan debt. I will support policies to allow borrowers to refinance existing student debt, just like you can a mortgage.


In order to strengthen our communities and expand opportunities in northeast Wisconsin, we need to increase access to quality and affordable health care for children, families and seniors across Wisconsin.

I have seen how inadequate access to quality health care limits opportunities for families, businesses and communities. When working families and seniors have access to preventive health care services like checkups and screenings, it reduces the number of costly emergency room visits and lowers insurance costs for everyone in our state.

If Congress decides to take away our healthcare, I will work to protect Wisconsinites. I will vote to ban insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing conditions, and I’ll fight the age tax that the AARP says will raise premiums on people over 50 by thousands of dollars per year.  

In the senate, I will fight to expand health care coverage, protect community health clinics and lower prescription costs for seniors instead of letting powerful drug companies and insurance executives write their own rules.


Having served as the Executive Director of the Door County Economic Development Corporation, I have seen first-hand the entrepreneurial spirit of our region. We must look for ways to support these home-grown businesses and prioritize investment in jobs, businesses and start-ups right here in northeastern Wisconsin.

In our region, we know all too well what it’s like to have businesses and factories shutter their doors to move overseas or stop production. These job losses shake our communities to the core and hurt our local economy. But we are resilient and I will work to ensure that our region receives our fair share of state investments to weather this turmoil.

We have asked the middle and working class to do more with less for far too long while the wealthy continue not to pay their fair share in taxes. Rather than giving the rich another tax cut, I’ll cut middle class taxes, fully fund education, reduce our debt and create more jobs by making the rich pay their fair share.

Over the last 45 years, tax cuts for the rich have not resulted in any appreciable returns for anyone but the wealthy. Investing in tax cuts for the middle class, while making the wealthy pay their fair share, will allow regular working Wisconsinites to make long delayed investments in their homes, their vehicles, their retirement accounts, and their education. In short, tax cuts for the middle class will result in an increased ability for middle class, northeast Wisconsinites to pay for necessities, instead of waiting and hoping that the wealthy's luxury item purchases will trickle down to the middle class.

Our economy works best when everyone gets a fair shot, everyone gives their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. I know the best way to create jobs and grow the middle class is by expanding economic opportunities, supporting Main Street community businesses and investing in reliable infrastructure.



& Recreation


I have been a passionate outdoorsman since childhood, and love living in such a beautiful region of the state. We must work to protect the land, air and water that so many enjoy for hunting, fishing, hiking and boating.

As someone who enjoys our region for outdoor recreation, I know that these opportunities will go away if we do not work to preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Too many of our area’s wells have fecal contamination due to uncontrolled pollution, which is unacceptable. In the senate, I will work with and stand up for family farms and anglers to make sure we have clean drinking water and our lakes, streams and waterways are protected.

Local communities should have a voice in protecting their environmental health and natural resources and I will work to give the power back to our local governments to make those decisions.