Dear Neighbor,


My name is Caleb Frostman and I’m running for State Senate here in Senate District 1. My work in the district over the past few years has seen me in the trenches, finding creative and proactive ways of developing our workforce, with a strong focus on our youth, supporting our existing businesses’ growth, and giving our entrepreneurs a leg up as they take their leap into the unknown. Now, I’m asking for your support in taking my work to the State Senate.


Too often these days, politics seems to be about dividing people. That’s not what I’m about, and I’m in this race because I believe in bringing people together. I’ve worked successfully with teachers, business owners, and governmental officials of all political persuasions to design and deliver the best economic development programming for our community within the limits of our purview and our budget. Although different parties might take different approaches, working to improve the economic vitality of our district and its residents isn’t a partisan endeavor.


As a candidate for State Senate and hopefully your next State Senator, I will continue the respectful, civil, and collaborative approach I’ve taken since starting this work. It’s something we could use more of in our State Capitol. I am proud of and grateful for the relationships I’ve built in this district through clear communication, consensus building, being of service to those around me, recognizing and celebrating the great work of the businesses in our district, and striving toward the greatest good for our community and its residents.


I’m not running for State Senate because I’m a Democrat. I’m running because I want to improve the quality of the lives of the people around me, which is what I’ve been striving to do in my current role. And I am extremely proud of the work we’ve done. My time here has been the most meaningful portion of my career, hands down. I am running for State Senate because I want to continue that economic development work at a legislative level, while also addressing a broader array of issues and improving opportunity for everyone in our area to succeed - whether that is through more investment in public schools and technical colleges, increasing access to affordable healthcare, improving our aging infrastructure, or conserving the natural areas that make our corner of Wisconsin so incredibly special.


As a result of my life experiences, my work in the private sector, and my work in the community, I hold a Democratic set of ideals. But they’re also the very Wisconsin values I learned growing up here - treating each other with respect, helping our neighbors when they need a hand, listening to each other and working together to reach our goals. My personal political beliefs haven’t affected the way I treat the people, and they never will. I don’t intend on changing my respectful, civil, and inclusive approach to communication with everyone in our district, regardless of the names on their yard signs or bumper stickers.


I’m looking forward to getting a chance to talk with residents of Senate District 1 over the coming weeks to hear what your hopes are for the future of our region. And I look forward to continuing our meaningful work, together.